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Gain Trader (OEC Trader) - DOM Auto Center Price Timing Issue


I am testing OEC Trader and noticed that when I would like to work some orders way above
or below the current market price and by scrolling up or down the DOM prices I can’t seem to
have enough time to place/adjust orders because the DOM keeps “snapping” back to the center price
or closer to the market even when I have checked the AUTO CENTER PRICE under OPTIONS off.

I feel forced to place/click fast and don’t have enough time to double check the orders and within a few
seconds the prices snap back to the current market. What’s worse is that on a few occasions I was about to
click way above the market to place a SELL LIMIT price and by the time I clicked the DOM snapped back
and I effectively clicked a price a few ticks below the market and got an instant fill on an originally
intended “way above the market SELL LIMIT”. I am on Demo but this functionality is very important
in my opinion for active front-end interface order placing.

Maybe there is a way to slow down the snap back to Market Price on the DOM?
Any help would be much appreciated.

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Unfortunately, after reaching out to Gain Capital we have determined that even with the Auto Center Price setting disabled, the OEC Trader DOM still auto centers back to the market price.

According to Gain Capital “No. The DOM does not have the lock latest bar feature like the chart has, with or without the auto center option selected it will return to middle by default”.

It does seem that with the Auto Center Price setting disabled it does take a bit longer for the DOM to auto center, but I do not see any other workaround.

When speaking with Gain I did suggest for this feature to be implemented correctly. Maybe this is something we can expect to see in the near future, but for now, it appears there is no way to scroll away from the market price on the DOM for an extended period of time.

Thanks for your question.
Optimus Futures Support
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Thanks for trying to solve the DOM Auto Center Price snap back issue.
I also did notice that checking off the Auto Center Price “bought” me a few seconds
to work the far up or down prices on the OEC DOM.
I did however pushed their chart trading capability and I think I found a convenient solution
to my earlier DOM timing issue.
I also found out a very trader-intuitive SHOWING of all ORDERs on OEC charts
which could speed up my orders placement/mod significantly.
Thanks for your help!

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Although the DOM prices still snap back after 6-8 seconds while attempting new orders,
I found the chart placing orders on Gain’s OEC Trader allowing me for plentiful of time to place orders.

Also, once the order is placed if I want to adjust/move the orders up or down the DOM price ladder,
I can simply press and hold the orders and although the DOM price still centers after 6-8 seconds
if I keep the mouse click on I can keep forcing the DOM to move up or down until I find my desire price level.

Just a thought.


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Thanks for following up and providing other users with a possible workaround to this issue!

Hopefully in the near future Gain can properly implement this feature so users won’t be required to workaround with alternatives.

Optimus Futures Support