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Gain Trader (OEC Trader) - Excel DDE add-in spreadsheet


I got this DDE spreadsheet for Excel from OEC Trader.
I thought of posting here for other traders who also use excel to manipulate
real time data and build their strategies.
Hope that helps.

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I would attach the actual excel DDE sample sheet here but only image files are allowed
in the community so I found this link online to download the OEC DDE sample DDE sheet:

I would imagine contacting OEC directly may also get you the excel sheet.

Newest Excel DDE Add-in Sheet version

Thank you for posting that link as an alternative!

I would like to mention that when OEC Trader is first installed, that the OEC Excel add-in automatically adds itself to Excel. So not every user may need to use that link. I would first suggest following documentation from OEC Trader directly: When using Excel DDE on OEC Trader I was not required to download anything from a 3rd party source, the Excel add-in was already on Excel when I opened up the program.

The PDF above mentions that Excel 2010 does not support the Sample Add-in workbook. It appears that the link you posted was intended for Excel 2010 though. I would suggest for users still using Microsoft Excel 2010 to follow the link posted by @Project11 to accomplish DDE Excel trading on OEC Trader.

If any other users that trade using DDE on Excel 2010 have any prior experience to this topic we would love to hear your feedback!

Thanks for your post P11, I think many traders will find this useful.
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You were correct. I realized that after I originally downloaded OEC Trader it came with an Excel add-in.
I simple went to Add-ins in Excel and Checked “AUTOMATION” and then checked OEC on the list.
Thanks again for you guidance,

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