Gain Trader (OEC Trader) - Excel Trading Spreadsheet DDE - DOM manipulation

I was finally able to figure out how to connect the DDE sheet with OEC Trader to populate real time data.
It is very useful to manipulate DOM data and create variety of excel formulas and send them instantly for execution.
The super useful DESIRED POSITION function of the DDE provided by OEC Trader is a life saver as its able to generate the Buy/Sell the Desired Position Size & Direction and the spreadsheet is able to distinguish the potential discrepancy in DIRECTION and SIZE and it immediately generates a specific order to correct and achieve the Desired Position on the trading server.

I attached a quick visual guide of how I manipulate the DOM in real time and all positions match.
Very useful and I love the excel interface because there is so much one can do with the raw real time data.

I hope its helpful to other excel trading fans.

Special thanks to @Mod-MattZ and @Mod-JakeM for pointing me in the right direction.

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I am glad you are finally up and running! Thank you for your contribution, I think other traders looking to trade with Excel on OEC Trader will find this post extremely helpful.

For any other traders interested, I would suggest to refer to this post on how to get started: Excel spreadsheet driven orders sent to Gain Trader (OEC Trader) via DDE

And although listed in the post mentioned above, I’ll also include a PDF directly from OEC Trader/Gain Capital on how to setup DDE excel trading and how to utilize the user defined expressions:

We really appreciate your contribution!

Thanks for your help,
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