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Gain Trader (OEC Trader) - Exit All Positions/Instruments and Cancel All Orders Master Button


How can I set up a master button to close all account positions and cancel all orders?
I have the option to close all positions and cancel all orders but only for the currently
selected tab.

Can I do it for all account & orders?


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As far as I know a master button that allows users to close all account positions and cancel all orders for multiple tabs on the DOM is not possible. OEC Trader requires its users to cancel orders for each tab individually.

However, you can close all account positions and cancel all orders for multiple contracts and orders through the Positions window.


As you can see in the image below, I have multiple positions on two different contracts. Using the Exit All (MKT) button in the top right corner of the Positions Window allows me to effectively exit all my positions at once without having to select each contract individually or activate different tabs to do so.

This might add a slight layer of inconvenience for you while trading, but I think it is a good idea to always have a positions window up as it provides you with insightful information that potentially could influence you on your next decision. With a Positions window open, you can easily exit out of all your positions on the fly or open a DOM for each individual contract if needed. The GIF below demonstrates me using the Exit All (MKT) button for several positions on the ESH19 and GGCf19 contracts.

I hope this helps!
Optimus Futures Support


Perfect. I didn’t see the EXIT ALL POSITIONS button on the window since
I keep only the first important columns visible while the rest of the positions window
is hiding outside of my screen and I pull it to view only as per needed basis.
Your solution is perfect. All I have to do is then still manually cancel all outstanding orders
from the OPEN ORDERS window with OEC Trader.

Thanks very much!

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Glad we were able to find a solution for you!

I think it is important to always have a quote board and positions window open on OEC Trader if you have the space for it on one of your monitors. There are so many shortcuts and accessibility options than can be accessed through both of these windows.

Thanks for all of your questions,
Optimus Futures Support