Global Crosshair Not Working

Hi there, so I have the crosshair set to “synchronize with all charts”, and as you can see in this screenshot, the crosshair is turned on on the top chart and does not appear on the other charts. Yes I have set the other charts to “view>crosshair”.

I know that it’s not possible to sync the horizontal line given that the price data is different, but it should
at least sync the vertical line of the crosshair. At least that’s how it works on other platforms.

Hi @Rollo_Tape,

Thanks for your question.

The “problem” here is that your charts have different symbols plotted. The synchronized crosshairs only work on charts with the same symbol.

If you change all three charts to the Emini SP 500 futures contract, ES.U23, for example, you should notice that your crosshairs will begin to sync.

At this time and to my knowledge, it is not possible to sync crosshairs with charts that have different futures symbols applied.

I hope this helps,
Optimus Futures Support

Thanks for the reply.

I see, usually the global crosshair on a different symbol will show as a vertical line only.