Historical data in optimus flow

Hello . I hope you are fine . I don’t know how to get the historical data so that it is not lost when the internet is interrupted. Currently, whenever the internet is interrupted, there is no data on the screen. Why is the data not saved by the software so that we don’t have to download the data every time?
Thank you for helping me

Hi @Mahmoud_Feli,

At this time, Optimus Flow will only display dta when a user is connected to their data feed - data is held and stored at the server level.

We can talk to our developers about adding an option to store data locally, but having this type of setting as the default could potentially lead to users downloading thousands of gigabytes of data and eating up their hard drive space - in my opinion, this is why platform does not currently handle historical data this way.

Each platform is different in terms of how it downloads and stores historical data. Ultimately at this time there is not a way to load or store historical data if the internet is not connected.

Optimus Futures