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Historical data


Is there a way to get historical data when I connect using MC.NET? Multicharts staff said that Rithmic only support current day of historical data. Thanks…


Hello wtrader,

Thank you for your inquiry.

This would be correct. The historical data through Rithmic for MultiCharts is limited to only the most recent day. If you do require additional data, it may be a good idea to look into a supplemental data feed for large amounts of historical data for a variety of different instruments. IQFeed provides extensive, unfiltered historical data for MultiCharts:

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Thanks Michael for your reply…


Hi wtrader,

As Michael said, IQFeed provides 120 days tick historical and intraday (minute) historical back to May 2007 for stocks/futures/indexes and back to Sept 2005 for E-minis.

Please email me at if you would like a free 14-day trial.