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Historical Intraday E Mini Nasdaq 100 data (1 min over last 12 months)



Is there a way to obtain this data?

I need several months worth of 1 min candle (ohlc) data for e mini nasdaq 100.

What are the requirements?




Would you mind sharing with us one more time what platform you currently use for your execution? We would tell you what would be the best way to obtain it. We will do our best to give you a number of options.

Thank you,
Matt Z
Optimus Futures


Hi Matt,

Thanks for the reply. I am currently using MT5



Great question!

We actually felt that this question warranted a video, so feel free to check it out below! :

To sum things up, MT5 is actually preloaded with years of historical data depending on the contract. From what I see, I was able to load E-Mini Nasdaq 100 (NQ) data as far back as 1999 on a monthly time scale as shown below:

Feel free to watch the tutorial video and let me know what you think. I hope this was able to help you out.

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Thanks Mike!

This does help with my search for a year historical data for Euro Futures 15m/30m as it goes even further back than 1 year! Fantastic

For the 1M it goes as far back as Oct 2018 - which is great. Is there a way to extract data from last January 2018 till now? I think this may be the limitation - probably because it is a 1m chart.



If you use the shortcut Ctrl + U on your keyboard with a YM chart active, you will actually be brought to the Symbol Specification window. (This is where you can manually customize symbols or create your own custom instruments if you’d like).

If you click on the Bars or Ticks tabs at the top of the window, you actually have the ability to request data from a specific time period as shown below:

Unfortunately, it does not appear that MT5 provides YM data further back than OCT 2018. I could not receive data earlier than this as well.

You may be able to download historical data for this contract and import into MT5 using this same window, however, this data would need to be downloaded from a third party source.

I hope you found this helpful, let me know if you have any additional questions.

Optimus Futures Support


Thanks William, that does help and clarifies it.




No problem @jubael_haque.

By the way, its Jake :sunglasses:. Glad I could help out!


Sorry Jake! was in the middle of many emails. Thanks Jake!