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How can hide the PL from HOT?

I really want to hide the running PL from the HOT. Is this possible? 2019-06-16_1948

Hello @fremontca,

Unfortunately, this is not a feature that can be hidden on CQG Desktop.

This can actually be used to Liquidate or Flatten the position and open up the trade in a separate Positions widget in another location on the platform to view more details about it.

Simply left click anywhere within the section you highlighted to open these three options:

Thank you for your question,
Optimus Futures Support

Not sure how open in widget will help me. The main objective is to hide running PL while on HOT so that decision based on PL can be avoided.


Like described above, hiding PL on the HOT does not appear to be a possibility on CQG Desktop.

We only mentioned the ability to flatten, liquidate, or open your positions in another widget because that is what the original intention of having your PL/Positions listed on the top of the HOT is for.

Thanks for your post,
Optimus Futures Support

Thank you Jake, I understand.