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How do Futures Traders come up with ideas?

How do you futures traders get your ideas to create their trading strategies and how do you implement those strategies?

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@bob_james welcome to the Optimus Futures Community forum. This is an excellent question, which in essence is how do traders develop a method for trading.

Matt Z
Optimus Futures

there are only two ways i get ideas. i have been trading for several decades and when i first started out, i completely relied on computers to find systems. the old throw the kitchen sink at it routine, then i started seeing many systems finding the same best results over and over. which made me hone in on certain setups. then i manually focused on these edges and made them best as i could.

so you can reverse engineer an idea or edge by finding the move you want to trade and find a way to isolate and identify that pattern. the better job you do at defining and isolating the pattern the more success you will have. m

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