How do I access ADL(Algo Design Lab) on TT?


I’ve been interested in algo trading. I would like to look into creating my own algorithms using the TT Algo Design Lab. The software looks very promising and intuitive, but I can’t seem to find how to even open it, let alone create my own algos.

Does anyone have any insight on how to open ADL and begin creating my own algos? I have found the algo dashboard which is shown below through the widgets menu on TT desktop, but it does not seem to be the same thing I am looking for.

Any insight would be great. Thanks


It looks like you will need to access the Algo Design Lab through the TT website, rather than TT Desktop.

Head over to: and then login to your TT acount.

Once you have logged on:

Left click the ADL link in the top left hand corner as shown in the screenshot below.

For future use you can simply follow this link:

It is really as simple as that. From here you can begin to tinker with different algos and come up with something that best suites your method.

Let me know if you need any additional assistance!

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