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How do I connect Bookmap to my live CQG data feed?



New users here attempting to set up the Bookmap platform with my existing CQG datafeed. Questions is, how do I do so properly?

I see there are several options to choose when initially starting up the platform. Also I notice once I do select one of these options, I still do not have the chance to input my login.

Can anyone help me with this?




Upon Installation of the Bookmap platform please follow the step by step guide below:

1. Enter in the license key you were provided with through the Bookmap portal when prompted.

2. If you would like to execute trades through Bookmap you MUST select the External Data / Trading through your brokerage account (real or simulated) when logging in. If you use Bookmap as a platform for strictly analysis you can select the External Data/ Trading simulated by Bookmap.

3. Press the OK button once you have selected your “run option”.

4. After the platform has loaded, head over to the Connections tab > Configure

5. Left click the Add Connection button in the bottom left corner of the Connectivity Configuration window.

6. Once you have added a new connection, change the Platform field to CQG Continuum

7. After the platform has been designated to CQG Continuum , manually enter your CQG Username and Password in the appropriate fields. Once you have entered the login credentials, press the OK button.

**8. **Now that your login credentials have been entered, head back to the connections tab, but this time left click the CQG Continuum field.


9. Activating the data feed will now require you to agree to terms and conditions to continue.

10. This will now connect you to the CQG data feed! To connect to an instrument, left click the plus symbol in the top left corner.

Let me know if you require further assistance with getting started using Boomap!

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