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How do I get started learning technical analysis for trading?

I have been trading crypto for about 1 year. But I don’t know how to make technical analysis. I want to learn, but I don’t know how and where to learn this correctly and a reliable source. I’m asking you who’s experienced in this topic to take advice. Thank you very much if you can help.

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I’m not here to change your style of trading. I went down the road of using technical analysis and didnt get far. Then I came across trading through order-flow/ladder/depth of market DOM (all the same thing). This is how the professionals trade by. The DOM can show you whats actually going on inside the candles on the chart. You’ll be able to spot who is overwhelming who on the price chart. As well theres countless amounts of benefits by using the DOM.
Eg. You can see spoofing/exhaustions/Icebergs/Absorptions/Flipping and the general trickery that the big money traders use. You can not see this in a chart.

Im just starting out again and I really cant make this firm enough to learn Orderflow. Ive been learning from a professional trader by the name of John Grady from the US. Here’s his introductory video on orderflow.

Good luck

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Thanks for sharing this. I’m a total newbie to trading and I think you just opened up something for me that I’ve been searching for for years. As a non-professional, I’ve always felt like there has to be a way people can see and gauge the volume and movement of the market.

Do you (or anyone else) recommend any books on the subject? Or other resources? Anything on the topic of the behaviors you described of “spoofing/exhaustions/Icebergs/Absorptions/Flipping and the general trickery”?

Thanks again.

Go to John Grady’s website. He’s the man.

He explains everything. You dont have to waste any time searching cuz ive done hours of it and he’s the best I found. He has a basic course and intermediate, and then if you want to join his webinars. Watch all of his videos on youtube then pay for the basic course.
Start there.
all the best

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As well, once you’ve gone through the material have a listen to an audiobook on YT called Trading in the zone.

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Thank you for sharing the material that worked for you. I’m working my way into all this very slowly. I look forward to turning over many new rocks, to see what is underneath. Thank you.

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Will check it out everything. Thank you so much for every information you gave.