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How do i hide P&L in CQG Desktop


Is there a way to hide P&L ?


Hi @fremontca,

Would you mind being a bit more specific as to which location on the platform you’d like to hide P&L at?

As you can see in the example GIF below within the Purchase and Sales widget, if you follow my mouse I simply left click, hold, and drag my PL column line to the left to “hide” the column.

This should be universal across all widgets on CQG Desktop. If you had something else in mind, please let me know.

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When place an order in the chart and HOT, i see running P&L, That i want to hide so that i dont make decisions based on moving P&L



I believe this can be done by following the steps below:

1. Navigating to Preferences

2. Scroll down to the Reporting field and expand the Position, OTE, P/L tab.

3. Left click the Position display in toolbars dropdown menu and select the OTE option.

From there simply exit the Preferences menu and begin trading as usual.

Let me know if this did the trick. If not, please provide a screenshot as to where you are seeing running P&L, this would allow us to determine if this is possible or not.

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