How do I open more than one order ticket on TT?


I am attempting to trade more than one contract at a time, but I am running into some difficulty here.

If I attempt to open up an order ticket for one contract it opens up fine and I can trade as intended, but when I try to open up an order ticket for two contracts, the first ticket is replaced with the second contract. I hope that makes sense.

Is there any solution for this? Or can I only have one order ticket up at a time?

Thanks for your input!


I am not exactly sure of the method on how you are attempting to open multiple order tickets, but I can provide an example of how I have done so.

1. Open a Market Grid widget


2. Double click within the grey box to specify the contract you would like to open


3. Once the first contract has been added to your Market Grid widget you will need to repeat the process of step 2, but double click the grey box beneath the first contract as demonstrated in the screenshot below.


4. With both contracts now added to the Mark grid widget, right click the first contract then click Open… > Order ticket

5. To open the second order ticket, repeat the process of step 5, but this time right click the second contract that was added.

This will allow you to open up multiple order tickets as shown below.

If you are still running into problems using this guide, please let us know. We would love to continue to assist you.


Optimus Futures Support

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