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How do I proceed after 14 days?


I have requested the rithmic account and it was created for me for 14 days.
I did that via the GUI on the main page and I’m only able to login to paper trading.
How do I create a normal announce or extend paper trading ?

Thank you.!

@macmus We are not sure what you mean by “Normal Announce”. The Rithmic demo is for 14 days only, if you wish to have a demo account side by side with a real account, you would need to open a funded account.

We hope this helps.


I’m sorry It was autocorrect :slight_smile: I meant normal account which work beyond 14 days. How I can create one and what are funding requirements ? Thank you!

No worries, here is the page to open an account:
Open a Futures Trading Account | Optimus Futures. You will get the instructions to deposit once you start the process.

Matt Z
Optimus Futures

Thank you! Are you also adding Rithmic 1 and creating a regular account with access to Market Depth and L2 data for order Flow analyses ? What are the requirements pricing wise and funding wise ?

Thank you for all the help on the matter.

When you fund your account, you’ll choose whether to go with level 1 or level 2.
CME charges for level 2 $11 per exchange.
Funding instructions are provided once you start filling out the account application or after you are approved.


U saying payment is 11$ per exchange : Nasdaq, EDGX, ARCA, PSX, BX, etc. ?

These are stock exchanges. When we say “per exchange,” I mean CME, NYMEX, COMEX, etc.
We do not provide stock exchange data for the ones you have requested.
Try for the exchanges you requested.