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How do I set CTS T4 to a Night Theme?


I was browsing your forum and noticed that the screenshots you have been posting are all in a night/dark theme. I really like the aesthetic over a light theme.

My eyes aren’t what they used to be and being able to change my platform to a black background would make it a lot easier to see, especially when trading the night session.

So my question is, can and if so, how do I set CTS T4 to a night/dark theme?


Hi @Jax. Welcome to the Optimus Community forum!

Yes, you can enable a dark them on CTS T4 as you have seen on the other screenshots i’ve provided to our users. To enable your layout to the dark theme:

1. Go to your main properties found along the CTS ribbon.

2. Left click display themes

3. Once under the Display Themes submenu, left click the Apply button next to the Dark Theme setting as shown in the image below.


This will automatically reconfigure your platform and all of its windows to a dark theme as you can see in the image below.

It’s also worth mentioning that you are not tied to these colors on the dark theme. You can adjust them by going to your main properties, display, and then you can adjust your colors by clicking on the color in the value area and it will bring up a color picker to choose your colors.


You also may find that after making display changes to the dark theme or classic theme that you would like to revert those changes. CTS T4 makes it very easy to reset your theme back to it’s default state. Simply navigate back to Display Themes and left click the Reset button next to the corresponding theme you have select. This will automatically rever the platform back to the default theme/color scheme.


Let us know if you found this answer helpful. Hopefully this will make CTS a bit easier on your eyes, especially when trading during the night session!

Thanks for your question,
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Awesome! That is exactly what I was looking for.

Thanks for your help