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How do you choose a Futures/Commodities trading brokerage?

How do you traders choose a particular FCM/IB (Introducing Broker)

This forum is associated with, so I just wanted to be clear and ensure fairness in moderation.

There are 4 central points to choose a broker on:
*trading platform (the software you use to execute trades)
*Trade Support (This includes software and trading).
*Margins (Terms)
*Commissions & Fees (Flexible brokerage, you can approach and discuss fees based on our leverage required and trading frequency).

We will allow this discussion so long that no brokers are mentioned. General guidance by others is permitted.

Best, Matt Z
Optimus Futures

There is a substantial risk of loss in futures trading. Past performance is not indicative of future results.

Im new here and a just started my trading journey.
re brokerages, I dont understand, to sign up with Optimus futures you have to have another broker? Do I fund my account with a broker then sign up with Optimusfutures? cheers

Hi @Yukio
Thank you for your question. We are an independent introducing brokerage.
In essence, we are a licensed futures broker but use FCMs (Futures Commission Merchants) for two functions:

  1. to hold your funds. Ony regulated FCMs can hold your funds.
  2. Clear your trades.

As licensed futures brokerage, we can assist you with technical support, provide you with the technology to trade, and assist with all admin matters (establish the account, deposits, and withdrawals).

  1. Open a Futures Trading Account | Optimus Futures. You can Start the Application on this page. If you qualify, we can establish an account for you.
  2. We provide Optimus Flow for trading. Give it a try through a demo account.

Let us know if there is anything else we can help you with.

Matt Z
Optimus Futures

Thanks Matt much appreciated.
At this stage I just want to study and trade demo. And due to time zones, Ive chosen to trade Eurostoxx 50. How do I go about doing this with Optimus futures?

Eurostoxx50 is a Eurex product. We have access to it, but not in the demo.
In the demo, we have CME products like Micro S&P, Micro NASDAQ, MIcro crude oil, etc.

Matt Z
Optimus Futures

Thanks for your help Matt.

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One more question Matt, how much is the margin for Eurostoxx 50?

Please keep in mind that margins change periodically and are therefore subject to change.
It is € 3,715 (estimated to the best of our knowledge) to hold overnight and set by the exchange.
Day trading rates are around €500, lower, or higher, depending on technology and clearing used.
Once you are close to establishing an account, we will provide you with exact details.

Matt Z
Optimus Futures