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How do you cope with Trades which made a loss

Dear Traders,

I am very curious how you cope with a trade which made a loss. I always say in trading you need to be your own Psychologist. One the other hand without failing, you have no succes because there is no 100 % guarantee.

Famous sporters or business owners also do not have a 100% score. As an entrepeneur it is sometimes difficult to except a loss. In trading the influence on my ego is much higher then in other circumstances when i try to get advantage.

Which path do you follow to controle your ego and get ride of stress during trading? How do you control your emotions?

Please give me your opinion about this issue.

Thank you

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As a first step I like to rationalize my thoughts (if we’re really talking psychology, looking up CBT techniques can really help :smiley: ) - it’s important to see which losses you didn’t have control over, and which are the losses you could have avoided or mitigated. For the latter, it’s useful to analyse why and make a note to remember this and do better next time. You should focus on long-term goals and results, and know that you can improve.
When I find a thought or mindset that helps, I like to write it down so I can look at it when I feel myself getting overwhelmed - such as the sentiment you mentioned, even super successful people don’t win a 100% of the time, so having losses doesn’t make you a bad trader or anything like that.


Thank you @Dora_WalletInvestor for your reply. I am not familiar with the CBT Techniques. Looked into it. Very interesting. Avoiding losses means to me that you have to identify first if this market can be traded. You need to except that not every day is a trading day. Experience comes by time. I am getting more and more aware that to make a big winning trade you have to sacrifice small losing trading. I do now know where i am going but for sure i am on my way:)


Glad I could give some new information :slight_smile: Moving forward and learning along the way is the best we can do.



I believe that confidence through repetition reduces the nervousness/anxiety associated with anything.

If you have never spoke in public you’d likely be very nervous speaking in front of a 1000 individual crowd. If you have never traded you’d probably be nervous with a $500USD stop loss and it getting hit.

Would you be nervous if you spoke in front of 1 person instead of 1000? Maybe a little, but I think not as much as you would in front of a large crowd.

Same in trading (my opinion), if your stop loss was $5USD it probably wouldn’t hurt much. Thus, start with small contracts where you can set a small stop loss. Move up as you are more comfortable.

I wouldn’t wait until you are completely comfortable (as progression will take a long time), but when you are marginally comfortable. When I try to do something way out of my comfort zone, I don’t do well. However, small steps in the direction of the goal are much easier to take.

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