How the demo works with rithmic

Hello @Mod-JakeM how are you?

I made a demo account with rithmic to test how it worked, and if I found the level 2 data useful. You can now create an account:

But at the moment of connecting, it throws me:


How can I fix it?


Hi @fermilans,

Thanks for post and I hope all is well with you. Thank you for asking, I am doing fine.

We have checked our backend demo system that we have through Rithmic after the issues you have mentioned. According to the rejection message we see, we believe that Rithmic may be blocking further demo attempts from you due to a previous demo attempt in the past.

I hope you can understand that this is out of our control, however, please keep in mind that demo accounts are limited as well.

If you don’t believe this to be the case, you can always consider reaching out to Rithmic support directly and speak to them about this rejection.

Thanks for your understanding,
Optimus Futures Support

PS. We had to delete an image from this post because it contained sensitive info. Please refrain from posting personal info such as account numbers or emails on a public forum for security reasons.


Jake, well, I’ll let you know what they tell me, thank you.


Hi @Mod-JakeM, how are you,

Reviewing the indicators, I see this in the ones I have data on, I understand they are level2, that was my reason in principle to try Rithmic.

I contacted them and it seems that I have blocked the free trial because in the past I ordered it even though I never used it and well now I have no chance to try it.

I don’t understand what differential service they offer to have that big difference in price that they charge 25 usd, plus the 15 usd for the data.

If anyone is interested, the indicators are “Dom Surface”, “Dom Trader” and level 2.


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