How to cancel a working order in excel

Hi there , I am trying to find a way to cancel a working order in R-Trader Pro in an automated system in the excel place order sheet . I know how to cancel and modify an order manually in the order book and also know how to open up a ticket and cancel a working order that way . But the only way I can see in the place order sheet is the field “cancel order after” which is a time format in seconds . Is there a way to use an “IF” statement to cancel a working order say if say in the recent orders sheet the working quantity is greater than 1 . Basically I want to cancel all previous working orders if they are not filled on previous chart bars , but I don’t know what the right vocabulary in R-Trader pro to do a “cancel” function is . In a program like ninja trader if orders are not filled in the current bar they are automatically cancelled but that feature is automatically built under the hood in ninja trader . I just need help knowing what the right format/function to use to try and accomplish this. Thx tim.

I apologize for the delay in answering, however you can not cancel orders on R Trader after you place them through excel at this point.