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How to change default order settings


is it possible to change the order settings to GTC orders and also to automatically switch on the stop and take profit option?

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Hello @zorannn,

Thanks for your question.

It appears that the image you have provided is a screenshot of TradingView.

Would you mind letting me know, for this question are you interested in this sort of configuration on TradingView or R Trader?

Optimus Futures Support :optimus_logo_no_backroug:

Hi Jake

Sorry, was supposed to post this on the TradingView sub category!

Hello @zorannn,

Thanks for clarifying! I will properly move this thread to the TradingView category of our forum.

In regards to changing your orders to GTC or other Time in Force durations, you can left-click to the right of the Time in Force field as shown in the image below:

As you can see there are quite a few Time In Force durations to choose from on TradingView, I believe the default is GTC.

Unfortunately, there is no way at this time to automatically activate bracket orders after a trade is placed. Every time you wish to configure a bracket order, you need to manually enable the Take Profit and Stop loss fields. Once enabled, you then need set your brack legs offset by determining the Pips (tick) amount, price, USD conversion, or percentage.

I hope this helps!

Optimus Futures Support