How to choose the exchange and current MES Futures contract for Demo

Hi, I am new with Demo on Optimus Flow. I do not know which exchange and how to find the MES contracts to practice. Please Help.

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Hello @Palau6792,

Thanks for your question and welcome to the Optimus Futures community forum!

The MES, which is the symbol for the Micro E-mini S&P 500 Index, falls under the CME exchange.

You will find this product in your screenshot above under the “XCME” option.

Once you locate the XCME exchange in the symbol browser, as shown below, you will then find the products listed in alphabetical order.

Once you located the MES, left click the Arrow > to the left of the product name. ONLY choose the contracts listed under Calendar spreads - as you can see in my example below, I have selected the contract with the most volume currently, which is the MES.U23.

Double-click this option and then it will be added to your chart:

Another option you have to add and find new symbols is to manually type them in the symbol search bar (in all caps) as shown below:


I personally find it easier to just sort through the exchanges and then check the symbols in alphabetical order, but as you can see you can also manually search.

I hope this helps,
Optimus Futures Support

Thanks a lot Jake. I appreciated it.

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