How To Display ETH or RTH?

Hi there, I am new to Optimus Flow and I can’t find an option to configure the session times.

I thought that the sessions manager would do that, but the only thing it does is apply some shading on
the chart.

I wanted to be able to either display the full day OR be able to see only the RTH (like Tradingview does), so you can actually see the gap between previous day RTH close and current day RTH open.

Any way we can do that?

Hi @Rollo_Tape,

Thank you for your question and for your patience while waiting for a response.

It sounds like you configured the session manager properly on Optimus Flow, however, once you set your designated hours and set a session template, did you enable/disable the “Show out of session history” function?

If you have Show out of session history disabled or unchecked, your charts will only display Futures data for the specified ETH or RTH hours you have set in the session manager. If this option is left checked, it will still display data outside of those hours, however, the data will have shading applied over it as you alluded to in your original post.

You can access this setting by right clicking your chart > Settings

Can you uncheck this setting and see if this is now working as you expected?

Please let us know.
Optimus Futures Support

Hello Jake, yes that solved my problem, thanks!