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How to enable macros in a Trading DOM

Is there any way to enable macros on the DOM?

For instance, if we place a bid for 5 lots, get filled then - Auto place 2 lots 4 ticks off-market offer, auto place 3 lots 6 ticks off-market?


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Hi @Ben_M,

At this time on Optimus Flow we do not have the type of macroing or automation that you are looking for built into Optimus Flow’s default download.

That being said, the Optimus FLOW trading platform provides a wide set of professional features for manual trading, but you can use it for algorithmic trading also. With OptimusFLOW Algo solutions you can simply create standard trading scripts such as indicators and strategies, as well as additional platform extensions: plugins, Custom columns, etc.

There are three main key points in our vision of algorithmic scripts development:

  • C# programming language

  • Integration with major Development Environments: Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, Atom, etc.

  • Open and transparent API

If you are familiar with the C# programming language, you can compile your own scripts through Visual studio and the OptimusFlow algo extension. See the guide here:

Although it is not exactly what you are looking for, we will be releasing a new patch tonight (please keep your eye out for the update prompt). In this update we will be adding automated orders in the form of Scheduled or time split orders.

  • Order placing strategy “Scheduled”: This strategy will send your order at a specified time.

  • · Order placing strategy “Time Split”: This strategy will divide the size of your order into equal parts and send them in a few steps according to specified Display Quantity and via selected time Interval.

I hope this helps!
Optimus Futures Support

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Nice thank you @Mod-JakeM!