How to Place STOP Orders on R Trader's DOM?

I am testing Rithmic’s R Trader Pro platform and I notice that clicking below the market places the BUY LIMIT and Left clicking above the market generates SELL LIMIT.
Q: How can I place BUY STOP or SELL STOP orders by click on the DOM ladder? By default I am generating a basic BUY LIMIT even If I can try to Right Click above the market. Where can I customize ORDER generating mechanism for R Trader’s DOM?

Thanks in advance.

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I think I figured out how to place the BUY/SELL STOP ORDERS on the R Trader’s DOM.
I had to widen the “SM = Stop Market Column” and by simply Left Clicking the DOM"s SM column.
It’s very simple and intuitive.

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Correct, that is exactly you you place buy/sell stop orders on Rithmic Trader’s DOM.

I would also like to suggest that there are several order type buttons that can be added to your DOM that are not activated by default.

1. These buttons can be found by right clicking on the DOM and selecting the Configure Trade Buttons selection.

2. Once the Configure Trade Buttons window is open, simply drag and drop the buttons you’d like to utilize to the bottom portion of the window titled Drag To Here.


3. Press Apply and then OK once done.

You can also utilize these order types by right clicking on the DOM and directly trading from there as shown in the highlighted blue box below:

Let us know if you have additional questions on R | Trader!

Optimus Futures Support

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Thanks for your inputs. I will try to play with the Trade Button configuration.
So far I really love the R Trader speed and intuitive DOM functionality.
Thanks for your responses.

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