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How to resize/move main menu

The topmost menu strip (the one with the Cht, WLi, DSf… icons) cannot be resized or moved. I want to move it to another monitor and make it smaller, but dragging it or double clicking it does nothing.

How can I move it?

Hello @autobahn,

Thanks for your question.

Unfortunately, I am not able to screen capture two of my monitors at the same time as they are running different resolutions. I would like to have showed you that it is possible to move the topmost menu on Optimus Flow.

You need to left-click, drag, and hold the menu from one monitor to another. Do not let go of your left click until you see the menu change monitors. I would suggest clicking in the middle of the menu around where the screenshot below shows:

At this time, we do not support the ability for the main menu toolbar to be resized.

Let me know if you are able to drag it over to another monitor with these instructions.

Optimus Futures

Yes, that is what I used to do.
Since updating this morning, hold and drag no longer functions.


This is still working for us in the latest update.

Are you still having this issue? Do you have different resolution monitors?

Please let us know!
Optimus Futures Support :optimus_logo_no_backroug:

Seems to be a mistake on my part.

As I grabbed and dragged the toolbar, I expected something to happen. I thought it would snap to a smaller size then I can drag it around the screen to reposition it away from the top as a floating window. However, nothing happened at all.

It is only when I moved the pointer entirely to another screen that the whole toolbar suddenly moved to that screen.

I must have mistaken the ability to have the toolbar as a floating window with another application.

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