How to save desktop settings in Optimus Flow

Optimus flow appears to auto-save your desktop settings after every change.

If I accidentally alter, I would like to restore to a previous state.

How do I save the desktop settings so that I can recover a previous state, the display of windows sitting on my screen: DOM, chart, Order entry, groups like positions, work orders, Trade history, etc.?

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Hi @gchan82,

Thanks for your question and welcome to the community forum!

You are correct, Optimus Flow periodically saves itself throughout the day and also saves itself upon closing the platform. Because of this functionality, those save files are also temporarily stored in the BAM - backup manager feature that you can use to restore your workspace.

You can find the BAM in our main menu by clicking on the Optimus Flow logo (#1) and then clicking the BaM button in the MISC section of features (#2):

Then click Recover settings (#3):


Click “From backups folder” (#4) and then you can choose a backup date as shown below:


Click the date/time of the backup file you want to restart to and then click start recovery at the bottom. Once the recovery is finished, it should be restored to the exact save point at which it was originally saved.

If you prefer to use our default layout that came installed with our platform, you can use our workspace manager to re-open it!

You’ll find the workspace manager in the top right of your platform.

Choose the “Default” option under the template field > Create New:


Here is what the default layout looks like:

If you re-open this workspace, make sure to re-add your contracts to your watchlist to start pulling in live data!

I hope this helps,
Optimus Futures Support

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I would like to save my own workspace, not restore an old one. Not open a new default workspace.

How do I save the current workspace with its own name?

Hi @gchan82,

You can also save a backup by clicking the Backup Settings button instead of Restore Settings:

Select your file destination and then create a backup. Once you do this, you can follow the same instructions in the post above starting from the recover settings mentioned in point #3.

Another method of saving is through templates.

  1. Open any panel (or use Group / Bind)

  2. Customize it according your needs

  3. Click the menu icon in the top left of your bind/group and then click the Save as Template option. Then select a custom name


Once a template has been saved, you can then find it in the main menu of Optimus Flow by clicking the Optimus Flow logo in the top left of your platform. In the menu you will find a new section labeled as “Templates” with any of your saved templates.

Either option can accomplish what you are looking for!
Optimus Futures Support