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How to save the layout

How do I save the layout I created (on the demo)?

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Hi @bastian-weinhold,

You have multiple ways of saving a layout, it ultimately comes down to personal preference.

1. One method is through the use of a template. You can create a template by left-clicking the menu button in the top left of any window. A template can be created for a bind, group, or any individual window that you have made changes to.

Once you clickSave as template you will be presented with this window to choose a name and Shortcut letter for it’s icon:


After you save a template, you will find it in the Optimus Flow main menu in a new Templates section.

2. Another method of saving a layout is through the BAM - Backup Manager. The backup manager can be used to create a savepoint on Optimus Flow. The platform periodically auto-saves, so even if you do not do this manually, you can also revert back to an older time point.

You can access the Backup Manager through the main menu:

Once open, you have the option of Backup Settings, which is used to save or Recover settings which is used to restore a save or revert back to a previous autosave.


To Create a backup, simply head to the backup settings option and then choose a location to save the current version of Optimus Flow and any progress made on it.


To recover, choose Recover settings and then select from an auto-save, which you will find in the backups folder or choose the Custom file option if you have manually saved.


3. A final suggestion for saving is through Workspaces. You can essentially create multiple workspaces and organize/save your platform this way. Keep in mind that any changes you do make to a workspace will auto-save, so this method is more to manage multiple windows.

You can always create a new workspace using the Workspaces icon in the top right corner of the platform. Click on this option, choose create new, create a name, and then you will be presented with a blank workspace for you to customize. Once customized to your liking, you can switch back and forth between workspaces on command!

I hope this was along the lines of what you were looking for and let me know if you have further questions!

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