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How to set up Volume Charts

Dear Traders, i am using Optimus Flow since last week. Would like to have advice how to set up Volume Charts and under which criteria they work the best for a scalper and swing trader.

Would like to know the experience of other traders why they are using Volume Charts. Are you using this kind of Chart in conjuction with another type of chart or do you only look to the Order Flow. Thank you for your help. ( I do not know where i am going but for sure i am on my way )

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Hi Emile,

What do you typically trade or want to see with cluster charts?

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Hi Ben,

Sorry for the late reply. Very cold in the Netherlands. The horses need more attention then normal.

I trade the Mini and Micro ES and NQ. Watching more and more 6E. On the background GC and CL.

I like the demonstration video’s which you put on youtube. That kind of setup incuding the colors seems very nice. Thank you for your help.

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Hi @Emile_Beijl,

Thanks for your post and contribution to the forum.

Do you have an example of what type of volume charts you are looking to replicate on Optimus Flow?

We have many volume-based indicators and charting styles that can be configured. Like Ben mentioned, there are cluster charts (which is essentially order flow), TPO charts that include volume profile, or just simple volume charts!

If you have a screenshot or example of something you are looking to replicate, that would help greatly.

Optimus Futures :optimus_logo_no_backroug:

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Thank you for your reply. Yesterday i was looking into Tick Chart video’s on Youtube. Try to understand the advantages and disadvantages. For sure i want to have this kind of method and look into all the possibilities. The Software of Optimus Flow i like alot. Its has much of possibilities. TPO chart , i like : O/H/L/C of the last week. I do not know if you can seperate in the TPO start Asia, Europe and US. Please advice what other traders are using who are having succes and can follow these charts with the naked eye.