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How to tell if order is Long or Short

If I have an open position, on the DOM all I can see is a shaded bar, not way to tell if long or short. See attached. I like to trade in full screen mode so the account and position information is not visible. Is there anyway to tell from the DOM whether this is a long or short position. Edited to specify open position, not open order.

Hi @traderKurt and thank you for your question. The order seems to be below the market and there is a b which stands for a Buy. If the order is below the market and it is a Sell Stop, there should be an STP next to it.

I hope this helps.

Matt Z
Optimus Futures

Thanks, but a misunderstanding. I was talking about the working position, not the buy order.


Hello @traderKurt,

In my opinion, the easiest way to track your open positions while actively trading is through the Positions window. I suggest leaving a position window open and next to your DOM at all times to easily see all of your active positions. In the positions window, red = short and blue = long.

On the DOM itself, if you look in the top left, you should see the Position field as pointed out by the yellow arrow in my image below:

If the text is red and shows a β€œ-” this means you have a short position. If the text is green, this means you are long.

I hope this helps!
Optimus Futures Support

Thanks Jake, I normally operate in Full Screen mode to maximize screen space (ES and NQ during market open will swing easily off screen if I don’t). Appreciate the input. I think if there was a way to apply a different color to short vs long open positions on the DOM , that would be great.