How To Use ChatGPT and Bard to Generate Day Trading Strategies

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The article below on ChatGPT Trading below is the opinion of Optimus Futures, LLC. AI is a powerful assistant, but should complement human expertise. High-quality prompts and follow-up questions are key to obtaining valuable trading strategies from AI models. AI-generated strategies must be rigorously backtested, risk managed, and filtered through human judgment and experience. Charts: Optimus Flow Welcome to the Era of AI-Generated Trading Strategies In just a short amount of time, AI has changed the way we approach financial markets and strategize our investments. This comprehensive guide explores the cutting-edge world of AI-assisted day trading strategy development., using OpenAI’s…

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super good post on gpt

i have been using gpt 4.0 for most my coding now for months and i am amazed at both how good and how occasionally bad it can be. but well worth the effort to train to what you want. as always the real challenge is in getting the trader to fully and accurately describe what it is hey are trying to accomplish.

it has been especially great at exit strategies. mark


Thank you for sharing your experience, @MarkBrown. Your insights on the utility of GPT-4.0, particularly in exit strategies, are invaluable.

We appreciate your feedback on our article as well - we’ve put a lot of effort into creating informative content and it’s always gratifying to hear that it resonates with our readers. If you’re interested, we’ve also created a video discussing ChatGPT that might pique your interest: ChatGPT Video

Your point about AI occasionally missing the mark is well taken. Like any tool, AI is not infallible. However, we’ve found that its effectiveness tends to improve significantly when it’s provided with ample, high-quality information. This allows the AI to construct a more precise model, which in turn leads to more accurate responses.

In the context of trading, this could mean providing a detailed description of your strategy and thought process. The more comprehensive the information, the better equipped the AI will be in assisting you. This, of course, requires time and patience, but the potential payoff is considerable.

Again, thank you for your feedback. It’s through exchanges like these that we can continue to improve and refine our AI tools.

Matt Z
Optimus Futures