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I want to open a futures account which can interface with trading view - basically a CQG powered account. Can you help with on mobile?

I see you offer TradingView as a platform. I currently use this for Forex, but am thinking about micro futures.

Can I use TradingView to trade futures as well? I was thinking about using CQG for data.

Can I trade on Mobile too with futures data? Thanks.

Hello @xatoga,

Yes we can! Thanks for reaching out and welcome to the Optimus Community.

The CQG data feed is actually one of the few Futures data feeds that have the capability of connecting to TradingView. Although the platform is originally developed around Stocks and Forex, it works just fine with Futures data!

If you already have a TradingView license, you can easily connect to your CQG data feed by navigating to the bottom of the page and selecting the Trading Panel. Then select the CQG option, enter in your connection, and then Futures symbols will be accessible on the traditional TradingView interface!

You can also access which will essentially work with any CQG account enabled for TradingView. This version of the platform does not require a TradingView license and its based around the CQG data feed and designed for Futures trading.

If you intend on trading with a mobile device such as a cellphone, I personally suggest accessing TradingView from your phone’s mobile browser rather than the TradingView app. The TradingView app is more of a “social space” or social media designed to communicate with other traders, rather than actually place orders from. That being said, you can still place trades and monitor trades from CQG using TradingView on a mobile browser. Using the link above on a mobile browser is also an easy way to trade from a mobile device using a CQG account.

I hope you find this helpful! Let us know if you have any further questions on TradingView.

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