I want to open an account with you. Can it be funded in Euros? I trade the EUREX, so I prefer the currency to be native to the exchange

Can an account be funded in Euros? Or is it automatically converted to US Dollars once I open and fund an account with you? What does the platform display, $US or EUR?

Hi @vesipep405 Thak you for the question!
We do not automatically convert the funds to USD unless there is a loss in USD that needs to be covered.

The platform should display the funds you have in your account (the native currency you sent).

If you trade the Eurex we can display the funds in Euro, and there would be no reason to convert them. Your P&L would be in Euros as well.
Bottom line, if the underlying Futures contract is in Euro we’’ keep it n Euros.

We find that a good platfom for multiple currency margin is CQG.

Matt Z
Optimus Futures

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