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I would like to know more about practical aspect of Fundamental analysis. I know the theoretical part but my main concern is what and how I can use that information while trading Futures?

I am a new trader and looking to see if anyone has any advice on fundamental analysis and how to apply it to Futures trading!

Thanks in advance.


Although I am primarily a technical trader, I tend to limit my fundamental inputs to major pre scheduled economic news releases.
Those at times can create lots of volatility and potentially provide for tradable setups.

However, since news releases are tough to predict in terms of the reported numbers vs. General market consensus, I generally let the market reaction take place 5-30min, after which I seek tradable setups.

Optimus offers a great news service worth checking out, imho. (

If you are looking at more traditional fundamental analysis such as weather impact on agricultural futures or the crack spread and the energy futures aspect, its a very different ball game.

A good resource for you may be the COT (commitment of traders) which is a report that comes out every Tuesday, and it represent real long and short positions for all large commercial producers, hedgers, dealers and large speculators (money managers). The CFTC requires all large players to disclose their large futures positions.

Analyzing the big players may provide for valuable feed back against one’s own positions or market biases.

Hope this helps.


That was very insightful. I never even considered trading around news releases!

That news service does look good as well, I will have to check it out. I think i will keep it simple and start implementing more advanced methods down the road.

Thanks @Project11