ICE vs. CME Spread Margins

I am looking to do spreads of TF vs. ES YM and NQ However, I was told that most do not acknowledge it as a recognized spread because TF is on another exchange. Could brokers make a synthetic spread margin on their books?

This is not a recognized exchange spread (TF/ICE vs. CME Group/ES/NQ/YM), however you can ask your trading software to adjust it and recognize it as spread. CQG’s sophisticated SPAN margin could recognize that as a spread and reduce your margins, as I presume that is your intention. Others like Rithmic need to be adjusted manually. Discussing this with your broker would give your the better software options.

Of course you can always use auto spreader by CQG or TT. They are a bit more pricey but will get the job done.

Where can I see the links to these software platforms?

Here is one link: Trading Technology, TT X_Trader ® Pro, Auto Trader, Auto Spreader, ADL