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If I wanted to use Rithmic Data for Bookmap what is the monthly fee for the data and platform to do that?

The question is in my title.

Also, can you execute orders through Bookmap or is it for analysis only?

Hello @Togigo,

Thanks for reaching out.

To answer your question, you will need to subscribe to the Global Plus edition of Bookmap which is $99/month. The Global Plus edition is the only version of the software that will allow you to trade with Futures data, so this is a must. You can theoretically subscribe to the Global edition for $49/month, but this will only allow you to conduct analysis through Rithmic, not actually trade and place orders. (Keep in mind the prices listed above are monthly pricing. You also have the option of paying for yearly or lifetime memberships. You will find additional pricing information listed on Bookmap’s website).

As far as Rithmic pricing is concerned, Rithmic cost $20/month. On top of that, you will need to subscribe to the exchanges you wish to trade. For example, CME is $5/month, CBOT is $5/month, NYMEX is $5/month, COMEX is $5/month and the combination of the for (CME Bundle) is $15/month. Exchange data varies from customer to customer and depends on which markets/contracts you need access to.

Other than that, you can look at our commission and margin pricing information here:!Futures-Trading_Commissions. Feel free to filter by the different categories to get a full sense of the different charges that are accompanied by trading with Rithmic.

Thanks for your question and I hope you find this helpful!
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