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Impact on Margin

Is there a feature that indicates what the impact on margin requirements will be or how the volatility of the trades is affecting the maintenance margin in real time? Also, is there a widget that shows each products required initial margin along with tick and point values. (I do see a widget but it only shows tick and point value for product, nothing related to required margin to trade)

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Hi @Miya,

Thanks for your question and welcome to the community forum!

There are two locations throughout the platform that you can monitor these features: Symbol Info and Account Info.

In the account info widget, you will find your current margin balance as well as reserved margin when you add new positions. The Reserved margin field is most important pertaining to your question. For each new position or working order you add, Optimus Flow will calculate how much margin is needed in your account in order to hold those positons. Please see below:

For your second question, although the Symbol Info widget does not show the initial margin for each particular product (you can find this on the CME’s website:, our platform does display important information such as tick size, tick cost, expiration dates, and more:

I hope this is along the lines of what you were looking for!
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Yes, this is along the lines of what I was looking for… I more so meant, when you getting ready to put the trade on (like as part of the confirmation window/for those of us who use them sometimes) or a visual indicator that reflects your margin requirements in regards to your cash balances… so you can gauge quickly your status, especially if you are putting on, leaving and taking off different types of trades across your account.

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As for the Symbol Info, I was looking for the margin requirement for that particular symbol/product OR a general list that list displays all the futures with the margin requirements for each respectively, like in a preset list. Usually that information is somewhere in the platform, a list, of the Main Code for the Product, Product Name, Tick Size, Tick Cost/Value, Initial Margin, Maintenance Margin (in a table or something similar).

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At this time we do not have margin requirements included in the order confirmation window. I personally think this is a great suggestion, but it could be a bit tricky due to varying margin requirements across the multiple firms we work with. Each firm sets its own margins, so this would vary among our users.

Similar to my comment above and pertaining to the symbol info window, most of what you are looking for is included in this window, but due to varying margin requirements across the different firms we work with, it would be a bit difficult to keep a running tab of all of the products available on our platform across the different firms we work with. This is something we can look into adding, but a good rule of thumb is to always start by checking the CME’s website.

For your general knowledge, I believe all Rithmic demos are set to 50% margin. So please calculate as needed until we add this sort of feature to Optimus Flow. Another method is to add a position and then refer to the reserved margin field within account info.

Once again, thanks for the quality questions and feedback. We are working on improving Optimus Flow with weekly updates. Although our platform may not have every feature you are looking for currently, we strive to add all reasonable features that our user base requests. You have already supplied us with quite a few helpful features we think would also be a welcome addition, so thank you. We have quite a few updates and features planned for this upcoming weekend, so stay tuned to the forum for a patch list update!

Thanks for your questions so far,
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I understand. So maybe one widget for each broker (breaking out the products for each). Kinda what you are already displaying on the website. So we can pop it open and review, close and continue trading vs. leaving the platform to go research. That way you don’t have to run any data for that. It’s a static display until updated (whenever). Just put the date it was last updated.

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Confirming that Reserved Margin is what you need in your account to hold the positions in your account, including over night.

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