Info bar 0 without hovering over it

There is a bar info window, which displays bar info when you hover over a bar. Is it possible to show the info of the current bar (bar 0) without hovering over it? Is this window or perhaps via other indicator?

Thanks in advance

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Hello @ehenderichs1,

I hope all is well and welcome back to the community forum!

Unfortunately at this time, there is no way to show the info of the current bar without hovering over it.

You could consider using a combination of indicators from our “bars data” indicators section as shown below:


However, there is nothing in the platform that truly replicates the Info Window bar you are referring to that displays these statistics when hovering over candles.

Thanks for your understanding,
Optimus Futures Support

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Thanks for your reply. Tried this indicators already, but they are to intrusive on the charts for me.

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Hey @Mod-JakeM, today I actually noticed something interesting. If the mouse hovers over any part of optimusflow that is not the chart, it actually does the bar info of the current bar.

Thought you might want to know.

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