Inside Edge - Scaling into Positions and Stop Placement

I have recently started using Inside Edge via CQG and the execution has been really good. However, I have a few questions that would really help me with my method.
I scale into the market uses 3 different limit orders and use a single trailing stop to protect my position as I scale in.

Can he platform automatically place the trailing stop when my first order gets filled? Can it also place a profit target?



Hello [MENTION=471]Terry D Frank[/MENTION]
I have asked the chief programmer and creator of Inside Edge to answer your question.
He should answer it shortly.


Terry, yes, the platform can place both profit targets and trailing stops in response to a fill. The platform use a concept of order strategies which allows you to create both Entry and Exit strategies. Either type allows you to add multiple target orders and attach behaviors to each of them (such as trailing, breakeven etc). The ‘Entry’ order strategy type is primarily used for strategies to enter a position e.g. placing multiple scale-in targets with a single click and ‘Exit’ order strategies are used to close a position and usually fires in response to a fill. You can have unlimited targets and stops and add multiple levels of events to an order target. You can even have another order strategy fire as a reponse to an order event. More information is available on our customer portal where you login with your platform username/password.

[MENTION=469]pnannis[/MENTION], thanks for coming to the site and supporting our customers.
Please try the InsideEdge Trader here: Inside Edge Trading Platform Software
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Always happy to assist and answer any questions. Using the order strategy features in the platform we have customers that have created fully automated order strategies that re-fires as the position is closed and gets them back into the market which is very effective for scalpers really working a market.