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Inter-Commodity Calendar Spread

I trying to place the following trade on the Rithmic Synthetic Board but I get a message that permission is declined
Buy 1 Mar21 Corn & Sell 1 Mar21 Wheat CBOT

Hello @Spreadplace.

Thank you for your question. Is this on your live account?

Have you traded spreads before with your live account? Or is this the first time?

Please let us know so we can further troubleshoot this issue!

Optimus Futures Support

Hi Jake
This is on my live account. I have traded spreads on my live account before. For e.g. In Sept I did 3 or 4 spread trades. They were intra-commodity though but I have traded inter-commodity prior to this but not on Rithmic.


Thank you for following up and providing us with further details!

Since this matter is related to your live account and may contain sensitive information, we will follow up with you directly via email.

Optimus Futures

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