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Introduction AgenaTrader Trading Platform


Hello Optimus-Traders

We got invited to introduce AgenaTrader in this forum.
Matt - many thank for this great opportunity here.

We will regularly post about very helpful features which you can find in AgenaTrader.

AgenaTrader is an extremely powerful multi brokerage/multi asset class trading station, where traders are able to monitor 100s and even 1000s of symbols in realtime.
You can trade Futures with Optimus via CQG and Rithmic, Stocks and Forex at the same time with any other provider in our list.
Shortly we are gonna offer advanced Options trading through our platform.

The main goal of AT is to support the so called semi automated trading, which contains:

  • Signal builder: Create highly complex Signals via Drag&Drop without knowing a programming language
  • Strategy builder: ‘Program’ advanced strategies just with a few mouse clicks.
  • Integrated Risk&Money management: never forget about risk management and proper order size calculation anymore.
  • BackTester: Verify the profitability of your Drag&Drop Signals/Strategies.
  • PowerScanner: Scan 100s and 1000s of symbols in real time. Forget external signal services and don’t miss any signal anymore. Trade when the system tells you to trade.
  • One-click strategy trading: Start your risk managed strategies out of the PowerScanner-signals just with a double click.

Some more high level features:

  • Start ChartTrading with ProposalOrders, OCO/ORO/IFDone order connections, direct and synthetic orders,…
  • The Chart-Action Bar is your charting shortcut panel
  • Open and view 100s of charts at the same time, via the state of the art docking-tabs work space.
  • Take advantage of enhanced Volume-Trading, OrderStream-Charts, DOM/QuickTrader and a lot of other fancy features which are available in AgenaTrader.

We are looking forward to keep you posted and to introduce cool stuff, which you maybe were looking for already, but you didn’t find it yet.

More information about AgenaTrader coming soon.


Hello @AgenaTrader and welcome to the Optimus Community. We look forward to interacting with you and learning about the features of your trading platform.
We know that you had success in Europe and worldwide, so we hope that our N.American users will also get to see the benefits of your software.

Thank you,
Matt Z
Optimus Futures


Hi - looks interesting. Which data feeds does this platform support?


Hello Bert001
With Optimus you can use Rithmic,Gain-Futures or CQG as data vendors but also as a transactional (order) connectivity.

Pure data providers which can be used with AT to receive Futures data are IQFeed or BarChart as US-Data vendors.
EU-Data vendors are TaiPan or TeleTrader.