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Is CME and Globex the Same Exchange?


Optimus Futures: I have received my credentials, and now I have the form to fill out for the different exchnages. For the ES contact do I choose CME? I thought it’s the CME Group and Globex is for the ES.


@TempaTrader, thank you for your question.
The CME Group consists of 4 exchnages:

CME Equity Indices, Currencies, Meats, Softs
CBOT Financials, Grains
NYMEX Energies
COMEX Metals
CME Globex is the electronic trading platform for all the CME group exchanges. All the Futures/Commodities that fall under this group could be traded via the Globex electronic platform.
So you do need to specify that you want the CME for the ES.

We hope this helps.

Thank you,
Matt Z
Optimus Futures