Is it possible to auto-center the DOM on TT?

I’ve found it annoying scrolling for 5 minutes using my mouse wheel or repeatedly clicking on the up or down arrows on the DOM just to get back to the market price.

I know on some platforms there are settings or dedicated buttons that allow you to snap back to the market level in one simple click. I have searched through the settings on TT, but can’t seem to find any related setting for the life of me. Not that it is absolutely crucial, but saving a few seconds can potentially increase my performance.

Thanks for the input

Hey @FimeJB

Yes you can!

You just need to double click within the Price column of your MD Trader. You’ll notice the giant black bar that runs horizontally across your DOM. This represents the current market price, so any time you don’t see this black bar or the market level, just double click within that middle price column to center it!

Hope this helped :blush:


Can’t believe I never though of trying that. Thanks for the insight

Keyboard shortcut to center DOM on TT is Spacebar. Works wonders!!!

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I had no idea that was also an alternative. Thanks for the tip :ok_hand:

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