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Is it possible to set RISK MONITOR parameters for particular instruments?


I like the RISK MONITOR option in the OEC Trader.
I tried to set up different parameters for different instruments but I can only find global settings for the entire account.
Is there a way to set up risk parameters per individual instruments instead?


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It appears that the Gain Trader Risk Monitor only applies globally to the entire account as you alluded to. Having a Risk Monitor that would allow you to set up risk parameters for individual instruments would be a very nice feature to have.

I would like to mention that the Heat Map does display fields such as change, change in %, and volatility of specified contracts which you may find useful, but it wouldn’t allow you to set every parameter found in the Risk Monitor section nor would give you a specialized audio alert.

I’ll suggest this feature to the team over at GAIN and see what they have to say about it.

Thanks for your question, I hope you found the answer helpful.
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@Mod-JakeM ,
Thanks very much. This is very helpful!!
I will play with it a bit and see if I can supplement my risk modules with these audio alerts.
Again, as time progresses OEC turns out to have all these little useful features.
Also, yes please suggest to GAIN / OEC Developers to consider adding Per Instrument Exits as
these would be extremely helpful in managing multiple instruments portfolio.

Best Regards,

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Unfortunately, the heat map you suggested is only tracking the performance and changes of the instruments in the basket but not the positions and the actual risk.

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You are correct.

It was one of the only features that I was able to locate that even remotely resembled what you are looking for in terms of similar conditions that can be set on the Risk Monitor.

I’ll keep my eye out for something that may be able to accomplish what you have in mind and like I said, i’ll gladly mention it to Gain Support to see if this is something they can implement in the near future.

Thanks for your feedback,
Optimus Futures Support


Thank Gosh Gain/OEC has a pretty decent Excel DDE functionality. I think I can code the per instrument risk parameter and possibly communicate with the FCM and send live orders to the markets for execution when particular portfolio or instrument condition is met.

The “Nessecity being the mother of all invention” quote seems in order here :wink:
I don’t mind the work as long as it works and its stable.


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