Is it possible to trade through Excel on TT Platform?


I see it is possible to integrate Microsoft Excel through the TT platform, but can I actually trade through Excel?

If so how do I do so?

Can anyone share some insight into what is the extent of TT’s capabilities with Microsoft Excel?



Yes, it is possible to link Microsoft Excel to the TT Platform, however, I do not believe you can actually place a trade directly through excel.

Although you cannot place a trade directly through excel, you can utilize Excel to manipulate the platform. Linking Excel to TT can allow for real time calculations which can be linked back to TT. This functionality gives you the capacity to create visual indicators in MD Trader (DOM) as well as drive automated trading strategies.

Take a look at the videos below for instructions on how to get started with linking Excel and TT as well as how to begin creating visual indicators and automated trading strategies:

Let me know if you have any further questions about linking Microsoft Excel to the TT platform, i’m more than happy to provide further insight.


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