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Is the new "R-Protocol" a socket interface, and therefore platform and prog-language independent?



I read there is a new interface called R-Protocol, and also there was a mention in a Youtube video by Rithmic that there would be a new platform independent interface for the Rithmic API.

Is it (like IQFeed and probably like FIX) a protocol on top of TCP/IP, that can be used with socket send/recv calls from any OS and language? For example, can it be used from both macOS and Linux in C? If so, does it require a gateway application running on the local desktop, which again makes it a bit OS dependent?

I am asking not only because of OS and language considerations, but also because that would make it easy to integrate and optimize efficiently within a specific existing application structure.

Also, I would be grateful for any additional info regarding this interface.

Matt Z suggested that it would be good to post such questions here in the forum.


Jonathan from Rithmc was kind enough to deliver this:

R | Protocol API was designed to support apps running within browsers and on mobile devices. It is OS and Language independent. It uses WebSockets and Google Protocol Buffers. As it is a protocol type of api the code to manage i/o must be written or obtained by the developer.

R | API+ is a collection of libraries that a developer incorporates into his code. These libraries handle, among other things, all i/o required to communicate with Rithmic’s system. The C++ version of R | API+ has been built for use on Windows, Linux, and MacOS.

Code samples could be provided for R | API+, Not R | Protocol API

Thank you,
Matt Z
Optimus Futures


Thank you for answering this question !
I take it the C++ libraries become part of the application and do not require a separate gateway process.


@nb1 That is correct.

Matt Z
Optimus Futures



How do I get a copy of the C++ code and any documentation?
I’d like to explore possibility of creating a Python wrapper on this.


Hi @RandyT, we will send you an email shortly with the details necessary to get the Rithmic Protocol.

Thank you,
Matt Z
Optimus Futures