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Is there a better alternative to clock data?


Optimus Trading Group: I currently use TradeStation and I have noticed that they only offer hh:mm (Hour & Minute) time stamps on their data and nothing at the second level ( e.g. – hh:mm:ss). In today’s electronic markets, this seems like an awfully slow way to clock data. Does any of your platform offer a better solution for this issue?


MultiCharts can store timestamps with minute, second, millisecond, or microsecond resolution. In fact, it is the only major retail platform I’m aware of that offers timestamps with microsecond resolution.

Since you are using TradeStation now, you might find that you can learn MultiCharts without undue effort, since it uses EasyLanguage (same as TradeStation) as its scripting language for strategies and indicators. It is also broker neutral and datafeed neutral, enabling you to choose the vendors you want. It even is able to connect to a TradeStation account. But if you want sub-second timestamps, you will need to choose a datafeed vendor that supports them. (Have a look at DTN IQFeed and Rithmic.) If you choose us for trading, we could hook you up to both data feed.