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Is there a way to stop the DOM from auto centering on MultiCharts?


Anytime I try to move away from the current market price my DOM suspends auto centering for about 5 seconds, but it will not stay and automatically snaps back to the market price.

Is there any way to disable this setting so I can permanently suspend auto centering and move the DOM price level around to my liking?


Yes, you can permanently suspend auto-recentering of the DOM in the MultiCharts trading platform.

If you right click within the Price column(The grey area in the center of the DOM) it will bring up a context menu. Select the Dynamic Price Scale option. This will permanently suspend auto-recentering until you uncheck this option.

As you can see in the DOM below, we have scrolled completely away from the current market price. The DOM will not auto-recenter unless you remove your cursor from the DOM window or uncheck the Dynamic Price Scale setting.

Hope this helps,

Optimus Futures Support