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Is there any way i can connect my rithmic with Trading view

I have some startgies which i want to automate with Rithmic and tradingview. is there any way i can do that ? Please suggest me if this kind of integration exist in the market

Hello @Mark_heris ,

Thanks for your question and welcome to the community forum!

Unfortunately, TradingView is not compatible with the Rithmic data feed at this time. The only data feed we have compatible with TradingView for futures trading is CQG.

If you are interested in automating strategies via Rithmic, you can always consider implementing their API. See the following link for more information: R | API™ | R | API+™ | R | FIX API™ | R | Diamond API™ | Futures Broker | Rithmic

Optimus Futures Support

Hi, Thanks for your reply . When i was searching for solution i came across the product of HFTSolution which allow you to send trading view alerts to my rithmic account using rithmic api

Till now it’s working very well .

I just posted in case some one else need this kind of solution

Thank you for sharing it. This may be a good tool, but this is a third-party technology for integration, and we could not recommend such products. Again, this may work well, but we could only place such things on our site if there is direct integration with the data feed and TradingView. Trade Routing with an intermediary can be used at the trader’s risk.

We approached Rithmic several times to make direct integration with TradingView, and we will inform our community if they get around to it.

Thank you,
Matt Zimberg
Optimus Futures